We are leading next-gen material science + design company.

Founded in 2020, we became the first mover in Turkey that has been specialized in the production of biofabricated vegan leather. With nature as our inspiration, we invent cutting-edge next-gen materials for fashion, footwear, automotive, and home goods industries to put us on a path toward a more sustainable future. We develop and invent high-performance microbe-derived materials with 100% natural inputs such as next-gen leather, biotextiles, bioplastics, packaging and interior materials.

Xylozen™ is the first generation biomaterial of Gozen Bioworks and the first of many proofs of our mission and vision. It’s an animal-free and plastic-free premium leather alternative to conventional and synthetic leather.


Core Values

Our Vision

Gozen Bioworks has the vision of designing and growing a better future together by establishing stronger micro and macro-level connections with the universe.

Our Mission

Gozen Bioworks offers solutions and biomaterials developed with biomimicry approach by combining science, art, philosophy, design to raise awareness and help to the planet, living creatures, humanity and the industries for a sustainable and better world.


Founder & CEO

about founder

Sustainability. Eco-Friendly. Green. Vegan. Energy & Water Saving. Biodegradable. Biobased. Cruelty Free. Animal Friendly. No Plastics. Biotechnology. Bio-Material. Bio-mimicry. Bio-Fabrication. Synthetic Biology. Bio-Integrated Design. Biophilia. Future of Fashion. Lab- grown. Bio-Art. Biological Alchemy. Circular Economy. Biobased Economy.

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