We Believe Design with Biology and Connection Through Art


We believe that we are all connected and we can only create a better future if we can work together in an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. With this purpose, Gozen Institute™, as Turkey’s first and only institution focusing on design, biotechnology and art, is founded for creating a sustainable future.

In Gozen Institute™, we are working with microorganisms and agricultural & industrial organic wastes to produce our biomaterials within Gozen Institute™ Lab. We develop our biotechnology by examining the needs of textile industry and use it to solve pollution problems in this sector.

We reshape the fashion industry by replacing millennia-old materials and decades-old chemicals used in the production. We believe that our solutions, fully adapted to circular economy, are the future of fashion.

With this approach, as Gozen Institute™ we offer also sustainable solutions to the brands and institutions through collaborations, Art & Science projects and Future of Fashion talks.

Core Values

Our Vision

Gozen Institute has the vision of designing and growing a better future together by establishing stronger micro and macro-level connections with the universe.

Our Mission

Gozen Institute offers solutions and biomaterials developed with biomimicry approach by combining science, art, philosophy, design to raise awareness and help to the planet, living creatures, humanity and the industries for a sustainable and better world.


Founder & CEO

about founder
Gozen ınstıtute exists for the restoration of the broken bond between nature, living creatures, universe and ourselves by increasing the level of consciousness and awareness of humanity with the light of science, art, design and philosophy.
founder & ceo
founder & ceo
ece gozen

Sustainability. Eco-Friendly. Green. Vegan. Energy & Water Saving. Biodegradable. Biobased. Cruelty Free. Animal Friendly. No Plastics. Biotechnology. Bio-Material. Bio-mimicry. Bio-Fabrication. Synthetic Biology. Bio-Integrated Design. Biophilia. Future of Fashion. Lab- grown. Bio-Art. Biological Alchemy. Circular Economy. Biobased Economy.

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