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With the projects developed by Gozen Institute, companies and brands that are planning a better sustainable can create a manifesto to raise awareness not only for them but also for the greater good. Companies collaborated with Gozen Institute can find a better way to be sustainable and spread their message with an interdisciplinary approach using art & design. Because for the companies, the real transformation and the point of making the difference starts when they lead a collective effort. 


Nike and Gozen Institute collaborated within Move To Zero project. As the first step of the project, our founder Ece Gözen became the brand ambassador of Nike’s sustainability movement by experiencing Nike Space Hippie, born out of the idea of sustainable life in space and Turkish National Team’s new jersey produced from recycled plastic bottles. Being pioneer in sustainable bio-age, Gozen Institute will continue to implement its biomaterials to the DNA’s of global brands embracing the change.


Within Samsara Multidisciplinary Art Experience, Gozen Institute collaborated with Ebru Ceylan and Ayça Ceylan for creating an art performance. In this collective experience, the scene is set with Ebru Ceylan’s artwork called ‘Peace’ and performance artist Ayça Ceylan is bio-designed by Ece Gözen as a messenger from cosmos to remind that the nature and humanity are not separate from each other. The mask and cosmic leathers worn by Ayça Ceylan are developed within Gozen Institute’s Sustainable Bio R&D Lab.


The Founder of Gozen Institute, Ece Gözen collaborated with Istanbul Fashion Academy Students for ‘Exploring Science through Fiber Art Project’ created by GI. For this art project, lichens were chosen since the influence of lichens on community processes and ecosystem functioning have attracted relatively little attention, even if they dominate approximately 8% of the Earth’s land surface. Within the project, Gozen and her five students from IMA worked with Lichen expert Assos Prof. Gulşah Cobanoglu from Marmara University, Department of Biology and her five science students. After examining lichens in the nature and under the microscopes, an art installation was developed from a small sample of lichen on a rock which is combined with sustainable fiber art. The art pieced was presented at Contemporary Istanbul in 2019 for demonstrating the connection between micro Cosmos and macro Cosmos.


Samsung has been inspired by our founder’s Ece Gozen’s success story; Gozen Institute. She became the face of Galaxy Note with ‘If you believe yourself you can do it` spirit and company made an advertising campaign with starring her. Gozen’s vision about the future contribute successfully the marketing targets of Samsung and the advertising had gained more than 5M views only from social media.

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