Xylozen™ Sustainable Vegan Bioleather

We believe that the sustainable future is only possible if we work with the nature. Xylozen™, a co-creation of nature and Gozen Bioworks, is here for nature and for our future.


3 billion years ago, bacteria ‘fermented the earth‘, gifted us and the nature we have today, where we can breathe. At the same time, beneficial bacteria, which are our mother’s first gift when we are born, is in more numbers than the cells in our body. Thanks to biotechnology, we can use bacteria, which are essential for a healthy life, in order to create sustainable materials and designs. With the help of the beneficial bacteria that were here before us and knew the nature better than us, we ferment the materials and textiles of the new World, producing materials that are probiotic in nature and not harmful to nature and people, even useful. Xylozen is the first generation of such family and a symbol of the first step we take towards the future as Gozen Bioworks.


As Gozen Bioworks, our technology is nature’s own technology, biology. We believe biology is the most advanced manufacturing technology of nature. We transform our biomaterials for a better future and life on Earth through fermentation, which is a natural and ancient phenomenon. We think that fermentation has once again an important historical role in the development of humanity. For this reason, we use an endless cycle that distributes energy back to life with the help of microorganisms in our biotechnological production.


Process begins with preparing special culturing conditions to produce Xylozen. We take microorganisms which our main characters from invisible world and we mimic their habitats so they can grow seamlessly. 


Problems such as environmental pollution, climate change, desertification, land destruction, deforestation, biodiversity loss, drought, which are global environmental problems, ,because of the animal leather industy continue to affect human life more and more significantly with each passing day. Rather then animal leather industry which requires massive amounts of land, water, sources and led deforestation, we grow Xylozen in vertical farming conditions by saving tonnes of water with a carbon-neutral, non-toxic, plastic-free, animal-free process thanks to our unique bio-production process.

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